Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CRM 4.0 migration to CRM 2011

Backup CRM 4.0 SQL Server database

1. Open SQL Studio Manager
2. Connect to CRM 4.0 database
3. Expand Databases
4. Right-click on xxxxxx_MSCRM database, Tasks -> Back Up
5. Back Up to Disk (dbname.bak)

Restore CRM 4.0 database in CRM 2011 SQL Server

1. Open SQL Studio Manager
2. Connect to CRM 2011 database
3. Right-click on Databases, Restore Database
4. To Database - type in new crm database name, From Disk - select backup you created (dbname.bak) from CRM 4.0 SQL Server

Import new database with CRM 2011 Deployment Manager

1. Run CRM 2011 Deployment Manager (Start->All Programs->Microsoft Dynamics CRM->Deployment Manager)
2. Organizations -> Import Organization
3. Select database you restored in CRM 2011 SQL Server
4. Type in Display name and Unique Database Name (of your choice)
5. Type in CRM 2011 Report Server URL
6. Select "Automatically Map Users" (if you are in the same domain)
7. If some user doesn't exist in new CRM 2011 you can create them in Active Directory and then map them or just ignore this and go further.
8. System checks all prerequisites for Import.
9. *.If there are no errors you can click Import (Import can take up to some hours, depending on your db size and customizations etc).

*. If you see warning "Fragmented indexes were detected in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database", you can ignore this message and go further but i would suggest you to do following as it greatly can impact the overall import process time: This error message says that there are fragmented indexes. To rebuild these indexes you can use this link: (In Russian)
1. Download all 3 files from this link above (IndexOptimize.sql, CommandExecute.sql, DatabaseSelect.sql)
2. Open them via SQL Studio Manager and execute them: At very begining of each script add these two lines to select your CRM 4.0 database for creating these stored procedures -
   USE <xxxxx_MSCRM>

3. And finally run this script to rebuild indexes:
   EXECUTE dbo.IndexOptimize @Databases = 'orgname_MSCRM',
    @FragmentationMedium = 'INDEX_REORGANIZE',
    @FragmentationLow = NULL

4. And then proceed with Import.