Monday, July 25, 2011

Sharepoint 2010 Server install Step By Step

In my previous post Sharepoint 2010 Foundation Install Step By Step we went through the steps to install SharePoint 2010 Foundation, so this time we will go through SharePoint Server 2010 installation process.

there is practically no difference between SPF 2010 & SPS2010 installation, except of some new error messages :)

So here we go
1. Run setup

2. Install prerequisites

Again the same error about Hotfix KB976462 and the same solution from SPF 2010 install

3. After installing hotfix run again "Install prerequisites"
4. Install SharePoint Server
5. Enter Product Key

6. Choose Server Farm -> Complete

7. Run Configuration Wizard

8. Create New Server Farm


9. Enter credentials for domain user who will access sharepoint db and sqlservername\instance

10. Next we have to enter "passphrase"
11. Specify port number & authentification
12. And at this point we have new error message saying "Create database permission denied in database 'master'"

User who is running sharepoint setup must have 'db_creator' permissions set on sharepoint db

13. After adding correct permissions run again Configuration Wizard and go through all steps from step 7.

14. That's all, done.

P.S When I tried to create new web appication from SharePoint Administration page, "New" button and other buttons were greyed out.  

Run Internet Explorer as Administrator ;)